What are the current challenges of HR Manager?

Human resources(HR) management process has gone through lots of changes along with the corporate evolution. But as time went on, duties and responsibilities were only increasing for this area. Right from hiring a candidate to candidate resignation, it has become very extensive zone. Initially for a recruitment process, candidate was asked to fill a form requiring his personal information and company eligibility. Interviews were scheduled for the eligible candidates and the results for such candidates are fond nowhere if anybody wants to retrieve it after few years. Assets, Travel, Training, Appraisals etc were some of the processes which were handled either person to person or through mail process which later on turned very difficult to maintain as a record.

Time attendance, Leave and Payroll were the first considerations for the companies to move to the software solutions. Capturing attendance through bio-metric machine ensured companies that misuse of records in this way would be lowered at a certain level compared to maintaining registers. 

     Resignation process still is not followed in a proper way in many organizations. Most of them don'y even have exit interview which helps in evaluating the company's approach towards employees.

 Payroll process can be termed as the first reason for companies to move towards HR solutions, even if there were many single payroll products but a HR solution with payroll module gained more attention from customers. Payroll paved the way for other modules slowly like recruitment, joining, employee self service, time attendance, leave, training, resignation etc. in HR solution product. 


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