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What are the current challenges of HR Manager?

Human resources(HR) management process has gone through lots of changes along with the corporate evolution. But as time went on, duties and responsibilities were only increasing for this area. Right from hiring a candidate to candidate resignation, it has become very extensive zone. Initially for a recruitment process, candidate was asked to fill a form requiring his personal information and company eligibility. Interviews were scheduled for the eligible candidates and the results for such candidates are fond nowhere if anybody wants to retrieve it after few years. Assets, Travel, Training, Appraisals etc were some of the processes which were handled either person to person or through mail process which later on turned very difficult to maintain as a record.

Time attendance, Leave and Payroll were the first considerations for the companies to move to the software solutions. Capturing attendance through bio-metric machine ensured companies that misuse of records in this way would be low…

How to optimize your procurement process?

Procurement is the process of finding and acquiring goods, services or works from a third party mostly through a bidding process or a tender. The bidding and tender process helps the buyer in judging the lowest price for quality among all the suppliers who have submitted their quotation. This process covers almost all the agreements till delivery and payment.  

     A procurement manager's duty in an organization is to raise the quotation requests from the suppliers along with proper details. Shortlisting the quotation on the required parameters is the major role for the procurement manager. Major parameters in such cases are delivery time, required quantity, payment terms, return policy etc. Procurement solution can handle such things in a single table where all the quotations are gathered and sorted according to the parameters. A software solution in this point helps lots of conversation clarification.  
     Procurement solution in a company helps in tracking the supplier go…

Why is stock management so important?

The management of the flow of goods and services involves the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Stock Management involves lots of peoples, processes and places which makes it quite ridiculous if we don't have a proper follow-up. 
     Stores need to have a constant check on the available goods and raise a request exactly when they become aware of nearing shortage of goods. Head quarters act here as the king deciding the final take on the inventory allotment and management. They go through some filtration process to finalize the vendor for good supply. After going through some quotation and delivery finalization, vendor is locked to deliver the goods. This does not stop here. Received goods at head quarters are checked thoroughly if there is any damage or missing products before distributing them to the relative stores as per the requests raised.
Throughout the stock management…

How do you optmize your HR Process?

Companies nowadays are interested in spending more on production process than management process. One such process that each company is interested in making easier is human resource management. 

    Software companies started producing more and more human resource products with their own designs to include multiple features of human resource management. Many interested companies were curious to know about this process and tried to fill the gaps in their process. That was the rise of desktop software management products, which later on eventually gave the expectations for web based human resource product. 
     More and more products came in the market with their own ideas and versions. Companies slowly started getting habituated to the products and tried to make most of its use. But as the usage started increasing, flaws started arising in the products. Companies need to take effective measures to fulfill the requirements of customers. Most of the basic requirement from a company is t…

Is selling online an advantage?

Selling products was never easier unless you go to a right customer. Earlier, salesperson would bang their heads on wall after knocking nearly 100 doors to find just one valuable customer. Eventually the 99 who ignored the salesman where not all those who hates sales guys. If we try to break those 99 guys, then some of them might be the ones who are already satisfied with another product which they have been using for long, some of them might be those who required something else but they were shown something else, some of them might be those who were not given proper details of the product completely. In same way, some of them were not met at a correct time due to some reasons.

     Online sales is a mode where the control is on seller's side. Sellers have an option of pitching multiple products to multiple customers irrespective of time range. Buyer can decide when to have a look at the products and at what budget he is looking for and most important is his convenience and pr…

Do you still think having a website is not necessary?

Everyone wants to know about someone without the knowledge of the person. Same scenario occurs with the company and that is where company websites play a major role. Website acts as a medium to convey all the basic information of a company. It is the first marketing agent for a company in the digital world.  

     Websites come with company information, clients dealt, journeys, customer testimonials, contact information, job openings, company products, achievements, etc. In short, its a short journey to know about the company.
     A job applicant as soon as he sees the opening for a specific company, he looks for the company website which helps in deciding the further decision to apply for job or not. Most of the applicants decide the company's genuineness based on website appearance. Even for a customer who wants to associate for a business looks for the website to know about the current customers and their satisfaction based on the testimonials. 
    Website types are based o…

How to optimize your digital marketing?

We are travelling in a world where things don't take much time to change. All of us are well aware of marketing strategies which we noticed many times and ignored. We had seen advertisements almost everywhere when we turn around either its television, radio, newspapers, banners etc. So, its time to give a required change to both customers and advertisements. Its time that you don't force customers to look at your advertisements but tempt them with your innovative ideas and creative concepts.

Reach out to them where they are now more often visitors like emails, social medias, search engines and overall we can say all the mediums through internet. People nowadays spend more time in internet world and feel they are getting to know more new things. So even if the things that they purchase in stores are shown in internet with high definition picture in a different angle, they get attracted to it.
       Attracting customers through internet is the basic and core concept of digital ma…