Why is stock management so important?

     The management of the flow of goods and services involves the movement and storage of raw materials, of work-in-process inventory, and of finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Stock Management involves lots of peoples, processes and places which makes it quite ridiculous if we don't have a proper follow-up. 

     Stores need to have a constant check on the available goods and raise a request exactly when they become aware of nearing shortage of goods. Head quarters act here as the king deciding the final take on the inventory allotment and management. They go through some filtration process to finalize the vendor for good supply. After going through some quotation and delivery finalization, vendor is locked to deliver the goods. This does not stop here. Received goods at head quarters are checked thoroughly if there is any damage or missing products before distributing them to the relative stores as per the requests raised.

     Throughout the stock management process, there are lots of  points where even a small lapse or miscommunication can lead to a financial loss. So a proper sequenced follow-up where one person can track the flow cycle from beginning to end is necessary to avoid that situation. With growing demands, the stock management is becoming more and more complex for head-quarters and suppliers. A single solution where everyone can be intact to work towards positive result is must. Software solution where a step by step progress of stock movement is involved makes the surrounding work easier. 

     Majority of the issues arise during the goods return which leads to the changes in accountancy side also. This is the point which needs to be handled carefully. So stock management solutions nowadays are coming up with special care on this section, where a user can relax himself in handling such scenarios.

     A good inventory management solution can make a customer feel like an emperor if it eases most of its manpower and documentation work in an effective way.


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